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  • Shenzhen Bolinia Technology Co., Ltd.

  •  [Guangdong,China]
  • Business Type:Manufacturer , Trade Company
  • Main Mark: Americas , East Europe , Europe , North Europe , Oceania , West Europe
  • Exporter:51% - 60%
  • Certs:CCC, CE, FCC, RoHS
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Shenzhen Bolinia Technology Co., Ltd.

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Shenzhen Bolinia Technology Co., Ltd. belongs to Bolinia Enterprise (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., located in Longgang, Shenzhen City. It is a manufacturer for 7-32 inch lcd monitors, displays and all in one touch pcs since 2004. Rely on high-tech industries of Shenzhen, our factory do research, design and production of display terminal devices independently. With the core of high-tech, we insist on corporate life philosophy of high quality and attentive service. With Hong Kong our window to the outside world, we establish global sales channels combined with a diversified e-commerce platform. At the same time, learning the top technology ideas to improve the competitiveness of our products, we...

Categories and Products

LCD Monitor

CCTV Monitor

9.7 Inch Wall Mount Monitor 9.7 Inch Metal Monitor Without Stand 15 Inch CCTV LCD Monitor with Wall Mounted 8 Inch CCTV LCD Metal Frame Stand-alone Monitor 12.1 Inch CCTV LCD Metal Frame Stand Monitor 21.5 Inch CCTV LCD Metal Frame Stand-alone monitor 22 Inch Metal Frame Stand-alone CCTV LCD Monitor 7 Inch Metal Stand Monitor 15 inch CCTV monitor 19 inch CCTV monitor 19 inch widescreen monitor 19 inch Surveillance monitor 7 inch Bus use security monitor 7 inch high resolution bus monitor 7 inch 1024*600 bus monitor 

Plastic LCD Monitor with Stand

800*600 8 inch LCD Monitor for Car 8 Inch LCD Monitor 8 inch Wall Mount LCD Monitor 12.1 Inch LCD Monitor Used in POS Systems 9.7 inch TFT Monitor with resolution 1024*768 10 inch 800*600 High Definition LCD Monitor 10.1 inch 1280*800 Resolution wide Screen Monitor 800*600 12.1 inch LCD Monitor with stand High Definition 1024*768 12.1 Inch LCD Monitor 8 inch Plastic LCD Monitor 15.6 Inch Wide Screen LCD Display with Stand 15 Inch 1024*768 Resolution Plastic Stand Display 17 Inch 1280*1024 Pixels LCD Monitor with Stand 1280*1024 17 Inch TFT LCD Monitor 10.1 Inch Wall Mount Monitor 10 Inch 4:3 Ratio LCD Display and Monitor 10 HDMI Monitor with resolution 800*600 10 Display Monitor with 800*600 Resolution 8 Inch TFT LCD Monitor Plastic 8 Inch Monitor LCD Panel 

Plastic Lcd Monitor With VESA Wall Mount

10.1 inch IPS panel LCD Monitor 16:10 Wide Screen Monitor with Plastic Stand Vesa Monitor with Widescreen Aspect Ratio 10.1 Inch LCD Monitor with Widescreen VESA Wall Mount Plastic 8 Inch Microscope Monitor 8 Inch HDMI Wall Mount VESA Wall Mount Plastic Case 8 Inch 10.1 inch IPS lcd screen 10.1 inch IPS Gaming Monitor 8 Inch Metal Case Wall Mount Monitor 

Metal Lcd Monitor With Stand

8 Inch Metal Frame Stand CCTV LCD Monitor 7 Inch CCTV Metal LCD Stand-alone Monitor 9.7 Inch Metal Frame Stand CCTV LCD Monitor 10 Inch CCTV LCD Metal Frame Stand-alone Monitor 10.1 Inch Stand-alone Metal CCTV LCD Monitor 12.1 Inch Metal Frame Stand-alone CCTV LCD Monitor 15 Inch Metal Frame Stand-alone LCD Monitor 17 Inch Metal Frame CCTV LCD Stand Monitor 18.5 Inch Metal Frame Stand-alone CCTV LCD Monitor 19 Inch CCTV LCD Monitor with Metal Bracket 19 Inch industry CCTV Monitor with Stand 20.1 Inch Stand-alone CCTV Metal LCD Monitor 

Metal Lcd Monitor With VESA Wall Mount

9.7 Inch Industrial Metal Monitor 8 Inch CCTV Metal LCD Monitor and Display 9.7 Inch HDMI Monitor with Wall Mounted 8 Inch Vesa Wall Monitor 8 inch Vesa Mount Monitor 8 Inch HD Metal Monitor Metal Monitor 9.7 Inch 9.7 Inch Metal LCD Monitor 9.7 Inch Monitor POS Terminals 8 inch POS Terminal Monitor 10 Inch Wall Mount Monitor 10 Inch Metal monitor without Stand Vesa Wall Mount 10.1 Inch 10.1 Inch Widescreen Monitor 10.1 Inch Wall Mount LCD Monitor 20.1 Inch Industrial Monitor 20.1 Inch Industrial LCD Monitors Wall Mount Widescreen Monitor 12.1 inch CCTV monitor 12VDC 11.6" ultra-thin 16mm monitor 

Open Frame Lcd Monitor

Open Frame 9.7 Inch Monitor 9.7 Inch LCD Monitor Open Frame Open Frame 9.7 Inch LCD Monitor 15 Inch Open Frame Monitor 17 Inch Open Frame Monitor Open Frame Monitor 15 Inch 1024*768 15 Inch CCTV Monitor with Open Frame 15 Inch Metal Open Frame Monitor 1280*1024 17 Inch Metal Open Frame Monitor 8 Inch LCD Open Frame Monitor Open Frame CCTV LCD Monitor 8 Inch 9.7 Inch Open frame Metal Monitor Open Frame CCTV LCD Monitor 10 Inch 12.1 Inch Metal Wall Mount Monitor 15 Inch Wall Mount Metal Monitor 17 Inch Open frame Monitor Wall Mount Open Frame Metal Monitor 19 Inch Open Frame LCD Monitor 7 Inch wide Widescreen Open Frame Monitor 10.1 Inch Open Frame Widescreen Metal Monitor 

SDI LCD Monitor

15 Inch SDI LCD Monitor 17 Inch HD-SDI Monitor 19 inch HD-SDI Monitor 19 inch Widescreen SDI Monitor 18.5 inch HD Monitor with SDI 21.5 Inch Widescreen Monitor HD-SDI monitor 15 inch 

Embedded lcd Monitor

8 Inch Embedded Monitor 8 Inch Low Resolution Embedded LCD Monitor 8 Inch Metal Embedded Monitor Small Size 8 Inch Embedded display 8 Inch HD Embedded Monitor 9.7 Inch Embedded Monitor Metal Casing 9.7 Inch Embedded Monitor 9.7 Inch HDMI Embedded Monitor 10 Inch Embedded Monitor 10 Inch Metal Embedded Monitor 10 Inch Embedded TFT Monitor 10 Inch Embedded Metal Monitor 10.1 Inch Embedded Monitor 10.1 Inch Metal Embedded Monitor 12.1 Inch Embedded Monitor 12.1 Inch Metal Monitor Embedded HD 12.1 Inch Monitor 15 Inch Monitor Embedded 17 Inch Monitor Embedded 19 inch Embedded Monitor 

Quad LCD Monitor

15 Inch Quad Filter LCD Monitor 17 Inch Security Monitor with Quad Filter 19 Inch Quad-Filter Monitor 17 inch Four Window Split Monitor 17 Inch Four Images Split Monitor 

Cross Lines LCD Monitor

8 Inch Cross Line LCD Monitor Cross Line LCD Monitor 15 inch 10.4 Inch Cross Line Monitor 17 Inch Cross Line Monitor 15 Inch Microscope Monitor 8 Inch Microscope Monitor 15 Inch Instrument Monitor 15 Inch Built-in Lines Monitor 15 inch Positioning Display 15 inch Automatic Monitor 

Mirror Image Monitor

15 Inch Mirror Image Monitor 19 Inch Mirror Image LCD Monitor 8 Inch Mirror Image Monitor 15 Inch Mirror Monitor 

High Brightness Monitor

15 Inch Teleprompter Monitor 15 Inch High Brightness Display 19 inch High Brightness Monitor 10 inch High Brightness Monitor Sunlight Readable 10 inch monitor Industrial 10 inch 1000 nits monitor LCD display 10 inch 15 Inch High Brightness Monitor 15 inch 1024*768 monitor 

POS Monitor

15 Inch POS Use Monitor for Desktop 9.7 Inch LCD Monitor 1080P Widescreen Monitor 15.6 Inch 12.1 Inch POS Monitor for Promotion 8 Inch Plastic Housing Mini Monitor with Stand 

Touch Screen Monitor

Resistive Touch Screen Monitor

8 inch Single Touch LCD Monitor Resistive Touch 8 Inch Monitor 8 inch TFT LED Touch Screen Monitor 9.7 inch Resistive touch Monitor 9.7 inch TFT Resistive Touch Monitor 10 Inch 4 Wire Touch Monitor 10 Inch Resistive Touch Monitor 10.1 Inch Resistive Touch Monitor 12.1 Inch Resistive Touch Monitor 12.1 Inch 5 Wire Touch Monitor 8 Inch Metal Monitor with Stand 10 Inch Resisitive Touch Monitor 8 inch Resistive touch monitor 

Plastic Resistive Touch Screen Monitor

8 inch HD Touch Monitor 8 inch Single Touch Monitor Single Touch 8 inch LCD Monitor 9.7 inch touch Monitor with resolution 1024*768 9.7 Inch Touch Monitor Resistive Touch Monitor 9.7 Inch 

Metal Resisitive Touch Screen Monitor

10 Inch TFT LED Resistive Touch Screen Monitor 17 inch TFT LED Touch Screen Monitor 17 inch 4 wire Touch Screen Monitor 17 inch 5 Wire Resistive Touch Screen Monitor 18.5 inch 1366*768 touch screen monitor 18.5 Inch Resistive Touch Screen Monitor 18.5 inch 4 Wire Resistive Touch Screen Monitor 18.5inch TFT LED Touch Screen Monitor 5 Wire 19 Inch Industrial LCD Monitor 19 Inch 4 Wire Resistive Touch Monitor 19 Inch 5 Wire Resistive Touch Monitor 19 Inch Resistive Touch Widerscreen Monitor 19 Inch 4 Wire Resistive Touch Widerscreen Monitor 19 Inch Widerscreen 5 Wire Resistive Touch Monitor 21.5 Inch Resistive Touch Monitor 21.5 Inch 4 Wire Resistive Touch Monitor 21.5 Inch Industrial LCD Monitor 22 Inch Resistive Single Touch Monitor 22 Inch Resistive Touch 4 Wire Widerscreen Monitor 22 Inch Resistive Touch Monitor 

Capacitive Touch Screen Monitor

12.1 Inch HD Touch Monitor PCT Monitor with HD Industrial Monitor for ATM Terminal 17 Inch PCAP Touch Monitor 17 Inch PCT LCD Monitor with touch PCT Monitor 17 Inch Display 17 Inch Square Touch Monitor 8 Inch Multi Touch Monitor 12.1 inch High Definition Monitor 17 inch PCAP Touch Monitor for Kiosk 10.1 Inch IPS Panel Monitor 10.1 Inch PCAP Touch 23.8 Inch Capacitive touch Monitor P-cap touch Monitor 24 inch 8 Inch Projected Capacitive Touch 8 Inch Low Resolution Monitor 9.7 inch touch projected capacitive monitor 8 inch touch screen projected capacitive monitor 21.5 Inch HD Capacitive Touch LCD Monitor 21.5 inch capacitive touch LCD monitor 

PCAP Touch Screen Monitor

8 Inch PCAP Monitor 8 Inch PCAP Touch Screen High Definition 8 Inch PCAP Touch Monitor 8 inch USB Touch Screen Capacitive Panel Open Frame 8 Inch Touch Monitor 9.7 inch PCAP Touch Monitor 1024*768 9.7 Inch HD Capacitive Touch Panel Monitor 8 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen Monitor 9.7 Inch Multi Touch Capacitive LCD Monitor Industrial PCAP Touch Monitor 9.7 inch Multi-touch Industrial LCD Monitor 10.1 Inch Wide Screen PCAP Touch Monitor 10.1 inch Multi Touch PACP Monitor Multi Touch Monitor 10.1 Inch 12.1 Inch Touch Monitor with 12V DC HDMI Monitor with 12.1 Inch 12.1 inch USB Touch Screen Capacitive Panel 12.1 inch Open Frame LCD Monitor 15 Inch 1024*768 Resolution LCD Monitor 15 Inch LCD Monitor for Industry Use 

Multi-touch Screen Monitor

12.1 Inch Touch Monitor 15.6 Inch Wide Screen 15.6 Touch Screen Monitor 21.5 Inch Capacitive Touch Monitor HD 8 Inch Multi Touch Monitor 8 Inch Multi Touch Display 10.1 Inch Wide Screen Touch Monitor 10.1 inch capacitive touch monitors 12.1 inch PCAP touchscreen monitor remote control optional 15 inch PCAP touchscreen LCD monitor for ATM 15" PCAP touchscreen monitor 12 inch Automatic use Touch Monitor 12.1'' Capacitive Touch Screen Industrial Monitor 

Open Frame Touch Screen Monitor

8 inch Open Frame LCD Monitor Open Frame Touch Monitor 8 Inch PCAP Touch Monitor 8 Inch Open Frame LCD Monitors 10.1 Inch Open Frame Touch Monitor 10.1 Inch IPS Widescreen Monitor 9.7 Inch Touchscreen Open Frame Monitor 10.1 Inch Open Frame PCAP Touch Monitor 10.4 Inch Open Frame PCAP Touch Monitor 12.1 Inch Open Frame Capacitive Touch Monitor 12.1 Inch Open Frame PCAP Touch Monitor 15 Inch Open Frame Capacitive Touch Monitor 12.1 Inch Touch Monitor With Privacy Filter 15.6 Inch Open Frame PCAP Touch Monitor 15.6 Inch Open Frame Capacitive Touch Monitor 17 Inch Open Frame PCAP Touch Monitor 18.5 Inch Open Frame PCAP Touch Monitor 1280*1024 19 Inch Metal Open Frame Monitor 19 Inch Widescreen Open Frame Monitor 21.5 Inch HD Capacitive LCD Monitor 

Touch Module

18.5 Inch Touch Module

18.5 inch 1366*768 touch module 18.5 Inch Projected Capacitive Touch Module 

21.5 Inch Touch Module

21.5 Inch Capacitive Touch Module 21.5 Inch Touch Module with 1080P resolution 21.5" POS LED TouchScreen Monitor Retail Kiosk Restaurant 21.5 inch P-CAP Touch Module PCAP touch module with 1920*1080p 

24 Inch Touch Panel

24 inch touch panel with industrial control board 23.8 inch capacitive touch panel 24 inch PCAP industrial touch panel 24 inch Projected Capacitive Touch Panel EETI Touch 24 inch panel 24 inch ILITEK touch panel 

10.1 Inch Touch Module

10.1 inch IPS Touch Module 10.1 inch PCAP touch module 

All In One PC

10.1 Inch All In One PC

10.1 Inch All in One PC 10.1 inch All-in-one PC with Andriod system 10.1 inch All in one PC with System 10.1 Inch AIO PC with IPS Panel Factory Supply 10.1" AIO PC with Android System 10.1 Inch Touch Screen All In One PC 

13.3 Inch All In One PC

13.3 Inch All in One PC High Definition 13.3 Inch Desktop AIO PC IPS Panel 13.3 Inch PCAP Touch AIO PC Mini IPS Panel 13.3'' PCAP Touch AIO PC 

15.6 Inch All In One Touch PC

15.6 Inch All in One PC 15.6 inch Android Tablet All in one PC High Quality 15.6 Inch Best Selling 15.6'' AIOPC Touchscreen Low Price 15.6" AIO PC with Android System Android 15.6'' Touch All In One PC 

15 Inch All In One Touch PC

15 Inch All in One Touch PC 15 Inch Android PC 15 Inch AIO PC Projective Capacitive 10 Touch 15.6 inch touchscreen All-in-one PC with Android system 15 Inch Projected capacitive AIO PC High Quality 15 Inch Touch Screen AIO PC 15 Inch AIO PC with 10 Touch Point 15 Inch AIO PC with Multi Touch Point 15'' Touch Screen Android All In One PC 15'' Android 10 Touch Points AIO PC 

18.5 Inch All In One PC

18.5 Inch All in One Touch PC AIO 18.5 Inch PCAP Touch Gaming Computer PC 18.5 Inch AIO Touch Screen PC with bracket 

21.5 Inch All In One Touch PC

21.5 Inch All in One Touch PC 1920*1080 21.5 inch Android Touch PC 21.5 inch Widescreen Touch PC Android Touch PC 21.5 inch 21.5 Inch AIO Projective Capacitive Touch PC 21.5 Inch AIO PC with Blacket Desktop 21.5'' AIO PC for Gaming Touch Screen 21.5'' Android All In One PC 21.5'' Touch Screen All in One PC 21.5'' Android Operating System AIO PC AIO 21.5'' Touch Screen PC with Android System Touch Screen 21.5'' Android All-in-One PC 

23.6 Inch All In One Touch PC

23.6 Inch All in One PC 23.6 Inch All in One PCs Android 23.6 Inch PCAP touch PC 24 Insh AIO PC with Android System 

Portable LCD Monitor

12.5 Inch Portable LCD Monitor

12.5 Inch Portable LCD Monitor 12.5 Inch Portable LCD Monitor HDMI 12.5 inch portable lcd monitor with IPS panel Ultra-Slim 12.5'' Portable Gaming Monitor 

13.3 Inch Portable LCD Monitor

13.3 Inch Portable LCD Monitor 13.3 Inch Elegant Portable Monitor 13.3 inch Portable HDMI monitor 13.3 Inch Portable LCD Monitor for PS3/PS4 Raspberry Pi 13.3'' IPS Portable LCD Monitor 13.3 Inch Portable Ultra Thin Slim Monitor 

15.6 Inch Portable LCD Monitor

15.6 Inch Portable LCD Monitor 15.6 INCH IPS Panel 1920*1080 portable monitor .6 Inch Portable Lcd Monitor with USB Interface 15.6 inch portable ultra thin plastic case monitor IPS Panel 15.6'' Portable Monitor for XBox Gaming Display 15.6'' Portable Lcd Monitor 

1920*1080p HDMI monitor

11.6 Inch HDMI Monitor

11.6 Inch High Definition Monitor 11.6 inch IPS monitor 

12.5 Inch HDMI Monitor

12.5 Inch Ultra-thin HDMI Monitor 12.5 Inch Portable Ultra-thin HDMI Monitor 12.5 inch HDMI display monitor Microscope display monitor 12.5 inch 

13.3 Inch HDMI Monitor

13.3 Inch HDMI Ultra Thin Slim Monitor 13.3 Inch Portable and Thin HDMI Monitor 13.3 inch Full HD display 13.3 inch 1080p Microscope Display 13.3 inch microscopy display 13.3 inch IPS panel monitor 13.3 inch HD display monitor 

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